SEO Coaching #33 – May 9, 2022

Watch the video on demand in your web browser or right-click HERE to download.
Recorded May 9, 2022

Please post your questions, files and links ahead of time in Slack in the #coaching-sessions channel. This makes it easier for us to organize the session and give you feedback.

The structure of these Coaching Calls is as follows:

1. Wins

What ah-has, insights, and/or breakthroughs have you had? What is going well? What is working for you?

  • It’s important to hear from people (other than the instructors) how they are finding success.

2. Questions

What questions do you have? What do you need help with to move you forward?

  • This is the main purpose of the meeting, please bring questions.


If we run out of questions, we may use the remainder of the time to share something with you to get your feedback.

- Bryon and Eric

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