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SEO For Architects Course

Learn How To Use Content Marketing & Social Media To Attract Your Ideal Clients & Win Better Projects

  • A step-by-step approach for using your expertise, experience and talent to create increased reach & traffic for your firm
  • Easily create content to attract and engage ideal clients looking for your precise services and solutions
  • Learn & implement the Expertise Engine™ System

• Payment Plan Available: 3 installments of $347 •

Who Is This For?

  • For Architects and Designers who want to level-up
  • Be Seen as “Go-To” Architects / Design Firms
  • Learn Effective SEO / Content Creation / Social Media Strategies

What Is Included?

  • 8-Week Live In-Depth, Hands-On Training Course Plus Coaching
  • Approved for 10 LU by AIA (CES/CPD)
  • All worksheets/templates/guides
  • All sessions by Zoom/recorded
  • Slack Discussion & Support Area

Bryon McCartney
Chief Creative Strategist, Archmark

Sounds Great... How Do I Get Started?

  • Starts Monday, July 12th
  • Launch offer $997, normally $1,997

• Payment Plan Available: 3 installments of $347 •

Earn 10 LU of Continuing Education / CPD Credit!

AIA CES Provider Statement

Architect Marketing Institute is a registered provider of AIA-approved continuing education under Provider Number 40119272. See additional details below.

8-Week Course Outline

  1. 1
    Intro / Ideal Clients
  2. 2
    Becoming "Known"
  3. 3
    90-Day Content Plan
  4. 4
    Expertise Engine™ System
  1. 5
  2. 6
    Social Scheduling
  3. 7
    Tools & Tech
  4. 8
    How to Measure & Manage Success

Weekly format

Each week we will start with a quick round-robin status check, giving participants a chance to raise challenges and issues they are struggling with. We will then follow with a combination of training, hands-on coursework reps, and our weekly wrap-up and Q&A.

Week 1 Intro/ideal clients

Meet your instructors and course participants. Outline clear goals for your SEO, Content and Social Media Marketing with Archmark’s S.M.A.R.T. Goal planner. Complete your Ideal Future Client persona workbook assignment.

Week 2 Becoming “Known”

Review benefits of being seen as an expert. Learn how to define/refine your “Expertise Buckets,” the four categories of content, and how to track your proof points. Complete associated workbook assignments.

Week 3 Creating Your 90-Day Content Plan

Understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO), how to track results using SEMRUSH, how to research topics/keywords. Content topic refinement. Content mapping & planning month 01.

Week 4 The Expertise Engine

Enlisting help. Brainstorming questions, the A.I.D.A. structure. How to record your interview, how we do it, our tech setup, and post-production tools. The interview, prepping and recording. Assignment, conduct your first interview.

Week 5 Content Post-production, Publishing, and Repurposing 

Post-interview, transcribing and editing using Descript. Writing your article, blogging best practices, publishing your article, optimizing for SEO. Assignment: write and publish your first blog post.

Week 6 Scheduling Social Media Content

Blog article reviews/hot seats. Identifying snippets to repurpose for social media. Using Missinglettr for social media scheduling. Canva demo.

Week 7 Tools and Technology

Challenges and issues review. Other tools and technologies to accelerate the process. SEO and content research tools, “gamify” your content writing with Frase. How to write 1500 words in less than an hour using AI. Assignment, setting up Google Analytics and Search Console.

Week 8 Measuring & Tracking Progress & Course Wrap-up

Using Google Analytics and Search Console to measure and track your results. How to use SEMRUSH to track your top keywords. Course wrap-up final Q&A.

NOTE: Course content is subject to change. We won't hesitate to improve the outline and the materials we cover!

Special Limited Time Bonuses

Total Value: $1791

  • In-depth website SEO Audit - value $100
  • Expertise Content Creation - value $997:
  • 20-minute video interview plus...
  • Done for You 500-word article plus...
  • Set of 3 ready-to-use social posts
  • One month of free SEO coaching - value $197
  • Petrie Method™ training course - value $497

• Payment Plan Available: 3 installments of $347 •

money back

30 day Guarantee

Risk free

30 Day Full Money Back Guarantee!

If, for any reason, you're not delighted with this course, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after you start the course. No hassle, just email and we'll give you a swift refund.


How will this course help me?

  • For firm owners, learn SEO, content, and social media marketing yourself.
  • Train members of your own team to ensure that they’re up to speed on the latest trends.
  • For team members, learn skills that will make you more valuable to your firm.

How long is the training / how much time is involved?

  • Each 90-minute session is live
  • Eight weeks/One session per week
  • Course work can be completed in session
  • Recommend 1-2 hours/wk for prep & review
  • Post-course implementation coaching available

Is there a money back guarantee? What do I do if this training isn’t a good fit for me?

  • No problem!
  • We offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t agree that it’s worth every penny.
  • No questions asked. No hassle.
  • Just email

How do I access the course? What if I can’t attend a session?

  • All sessions are “LIVE” via Zoom/Goto
  • All sessions are recorded for “on-demand” access if you miss a session.
  • Community & Support via Slack channel

Can other members of my firm attend?


What if I don’t have a website, am planning to redesign my website?

The information in this program can be applied to improving your website’s content or creating high-quality content for a new or updated website.

What if I just want to hire you to do this for me?

  • Happy to help...but...
  • Going through this course will better inform you about the process and how to get the best results.

I have a Wix, Squarespace, Wordpress. etc. website, will this work for my site?

  • Absolutely!
  • This system is universal.
  • Will work with any website platfrom that allows you to post new content.

I am not a “techy,” what do I need to know to implement this system?

  • While there are some tools we recommend, if you can use a web browser you can master this system.
  • Everything is spelled out and detailed with step-by-step processes.

Ready to Get Started?

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• Payment Plan Available: 3 installments of $347 •

AIA Continuing Education Program

Earn 10 LU of Continuing Education / CPD Credit!

Course Details

AIA Course Number: AMI-SEO-2
Delivery Method: E-learning
Program Approval Expiration Date: 6/3/24
Prerequisites: None
Program Level: Beginner
Advance Learner Preparation: None

Program Title:

SEO for Architects: How to Use Content Marketing and Social Media to Attract your Ideal Clients and Win Better Projects

Program Description:

In this 8-session course, you will learn a highly effective process that will help you attract high-value clients and become known as ‘go-to’ architects in your areas of specialty. 

Both the Architect Marketing Institute (AMI) and Archmark Architect Branding & Marketing (Archmark) have been helping architects over many years to attract and win better projects.

Archmark has evaluated over 550 architecture firm websites and found the key factors that help firm owners get found online. More and more, clients are looking for answers online. They are seeking expert information, resources, and know-how to educate and inform themselves prior to starting a project.

In this course, Archmark co-founder Bryon McCartney will share proven methods and processes to transform your firm’s website and social media profiles into top resources for prospective clients in need of your services.

You’ll learn how to create an ‘Expertise Engine,’ an easy to implement system for creating high-value content which positions you and your firm as an authoritative resource for your ideal future clients. You will learn how to focus your content and social media marketing efforts to be more effective, and less time consuming. Discover how to create content that you can easily write, share, and post to get found online and create new opportunities for your firm.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to create accurate descriptions of your ‘ideal future clients’ to guide effective content planning
  • Understand the three types of content that boost your SEO by answering your ideal clients’ top-of-mind questions
  • Learn how to attract better, high-value new business opportunities with clients eager and ready to work with you
  • Discover how you can generate ‘expert’ content for videos, blogs and social media in just 1 hour of your time per month
  • Learn the 3 key steps to implement an ‘Expertise Engine’ system for creating more effective content and social media posts
  • Learn which tools can help you reduce time and effort and streamline your content and social media production